ICH Web-platform

ICH Web Platform

The i-Treasures Web-platform (http://i-treasures.multimedia.uom.gr/) is implemented as an open-source content management system enriched with a significant number of functionalities contributing to the preservation and widespread diffusion of ICH treasures. It allows users not only to learn about important aspects of different types of ICH via the use of sound educational courses in different languages accessed through the LMS, but also to practice different types of ICH via the use of engaging educational games for sensorimotor learning, the novel Text-to-Song synthesis module and the innovative intangible musical instrument. The LMS environment has been modified to support visualisation of learning analytics collected not only from the use of the LMS courses (standard statistics supported by the LMS) but also from game usage. This way, it can effectively summarise the progress of each student or the classroom as a whole.

Moreover, it includes a digital repository where ICH expert performances and corresponding high- and medium-level metadata can be stored or accessed. The user can search the digital repository for stored ICH content using advanced search functionalities that exploit semantic analysis information . New expert performances and extracted medium level features can be uploaded through the Web-platform’s interface, while corresponding high-level metadata information is automatically generated by the semantic analysis module. Metadata information is compatible with the Europeana Semantic Element Set. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and multi-language support.

For full access to platform's functionalities please register to the ICH Web-platform: