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Live concert by Leontios Hadjileontiadis and Aggeliki Kathariou in "Technopolis" (Athens, Greece), in the context of the "1st Festival of Science and Innovation". Click here to read full article

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Contemporary music

  • "Brainswarm" Leontios Hadjileontiadis (The world premiere of 'Brainswarm' for bio-conductor soloist and ensemble, Kinect, ΕEG Emotiv, MAX/MSP-Processing live electronics and visuals, Goethe Athens Institute, 9 December 2013) the concert
  • Live concerts in ICT2013 (Common Brain, Human Beat Box) full video
    • "Common Brain" (Leontios Hadjileontiadis Live concert for sopranino and subbass recorders in F, spring drum, two EEG Epoch Emotiv and live electronics - UMS 'n JIP, ICT2013, Vilnius - Lithuania, 8 November 2013) the concert
    • "Human Beat Box" (Vocal sound - DAVOX, ICT2013, Vilnius - Lithuania, 7 November 2013) the concert

Traditional singing

  • "il Canto a tenore Sardo" (Tenore Montalbo di Siniscola :Caprari Giuseppe, Dadea Riccardo, Carzedda Giuseppe, Carzedda Paolo, in Mercato del Carmine, Genova - Italy, 23 January 2014) the concert