The Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies at University College London (UCL)

The UCL Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies is an interdisciplinary research centre that is concerned with the study of cultural heritage, its preservation, analysis and critical examination. It was founded in 2007 through a joint initiative of staff from the UCL Institute of Archaeology and the Department of Anthropology and supports state-of-the-art cross-disciplinary research about cultural heritage and museums on UK, European and international levels.

Its members include a broad range of international academics, heritage and museum professionals who have conducted research on innovative themes in heritage and museum studies, such as the safeguarding of intangible heritage, cultural heritage and development, material culture investigation and participatory approaches in heritage preservation.

The Centre organises public events, conferences and workshops for the dissemination of research finds and has established a vibrant platform for the debate and investigation of cultural preservation and critical heritage studies. Moreover, the Centre provides courses and continuing professional development activities on an international level. It is committed to participatory approaches to training that are embedded in local contexts and aimed at building personal and institutional capacity on the ground by empowering local knowledge with the latest academic research and pedagogic techniques.