ACAPELA is entirely dedicated to developing and deploying natural language interfaces. ACAPELA Group is the European leader in speech solutions and enables customers to create new ways of conversing and interacting with end-users through speech-enabled revenue-generating applications. ACAPELAs multilingual speech solutions (Text to Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition) are available in 30 languages.

Telecom, Automotive, Multimedia, Mobile Devices, Accessibility, Industry or Consumer Electronics, ACAPELA brings specific solutions adapted to each market sector, accompanied by a full range of services designed to respond to each project’s constraints. Today, ACAPELA is No1 supplier of speech solutions technologies to the European, Middle East and Nordic markets. With over 500 customers across the world and thousands of licences in service, ACAPELA speech solutions serve millions of users everyday. ACAPELA participates currently (and has participated in the past) in various national and European funded projects.

In this project, ACAPELA will be focusing on singing TTS system and more particularly to develop and improve a system able to sing. A Text to Sing system will allow any users to type in words and hear them sung back, as part of a message or other user-created media and this automatically. Some systems are already existing (e.g. Oddcast) but they are most of time English-speaking only and they are not able to treat cultural heritage songs as in the I-Treasures project. This project will provide the opportunity to the group to bring a critical mass to explore more in depth those earlier developments.